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A provision that allows a lender to demand payment of the total outstanding balance or demand additional collateral under certain circumstances, such as failure to make payments, bankruptcy, nonpayment of taxes on mortgaged property, or the breaking of loan covenants.

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Obligations shall become due and payable and Obligator shall immediately repay such obligations

2) When the Individual Transaction has been terminated pursuant to the immediately preceding paragraph, the Bank shall be released from any and all obligations owed by the Bank pursuant to the Individual Transactions. In such a case, upon such termination, any and all obligations of the Client owed to the Bank shall become due and payable and the Client shall immediately repay such obligations upon demand from the Bank.



Declare indebtedness to be

Any financial indebtedness of the Borrower is not paid when due (or within any applicable gracce period).

Any financial indebtedness of the Borrower is declared to be due and payable prior to its specified maturity as a result of an event of default (however descrived).

Any creditor of the Borrower becomes entitled to declare any financial indebteness of the Borrower due and payable prior to its specified maturity as a result of an event of default.

relatively pre-emptively where the Borrower is in financial distress. Lenders will often seek to include as an insolvency Event of Default:



A loan provision giving the lender the right to declare the entire amount immediately due and payable upon the violation of a specific loan provision, such as failure to make payments on time. If this clause were not present, then a default on one payment would be just that: only one payment in default. This clause makes the full amount of principal due upon the default as specified in the loan.


Example: Collins sells her house to Baker, who assumes the existing 8% interest rate mortgage. They do not notify the lender of the sale. Clause 17 in the mortgage states that the full principal accelerates unless the lender approves of the sale. Collins must now pay the balance of the principal.



provided, however, that the Trustee or the Owners of the Obligations shall not have the right to declare all Obligation to be immediately due and payable.


In the case where purchaser falls under any of the following conditions, Purchaser’s financial indebtedness shall be automatically declared to be immediately due and payable.



Either party may, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies,

if any of the following events should occur:

(a) if the other party fails to make any payment to the other when due under this Agreement and/or any Individual Agreement;

(b) if the other party fails to perform any other provisions of this Agreement and/or any Individual Agreement;

(c) if the other party files a petition in bankruptcy, or a petition in bankruptcy is filed against it, or the other party becomes insolvent, bankrupt, or makes a general assignment for the benefit of creditors, or goes into liquidation or receivership;

(d) if the other party ceases or threatens to cease to carry on business or disposes of the whole or any substantial part of its undertaking or its assets;

(e) if control of the other party is acquired by any person or group not in control at the date of this Agreement.


If Tenant breaches this lease or vacates the premises prior to expiration, we may accelerate the term of this lease and declare all rents for the remaining terms to be immediately due and payable.





In the case where XXX and/or YYY fall under any of the following conditions, thereafter they shall be deemed to be unable to perform the Warranty under the Basic Purchase Agreement, and the obligation under Article __, and XXX and YYY shall jointly and severally pay to ZZZ the liquidated damages amount set out in attachment (1) (“Liquidated Damages”):


(1) when XXX and/or YYY become subject to attachment, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, public auction, tax delinquency, or other disposition by exercise of public authority, or a petition for commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings, commencement of company reorganization proceedings, special conciliation proceeding, liquidation, special liquidation, or commencement of bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings;

(2) when XXX and/or YYY assign and/or transfer whole of its business or adopts a resolution to do so;

(3) when XXX and/or YYY become unable to make undisputed payments, or in the case where an undisputed negotiable instrument or check drawn or endorsed is bounced, or undisputed payment is not made when due on any electronically recorded monetary claim for which it is the obligor, or when it have been unable to pay undisputed debts;

(4) when XXX and/or YYY are subject to a petition for an auction has been filed, or to a notice under Article 2 of the Act on Contract for Establishment of Security Interests by Use of Provisional Registration;

(5) when XXX and/or YYY become subject to a suspension of business or disposition for cancellation of a business license or business registration;

(6) when XXX and/or YYY make a decision to reduce capital, abolish or change business, or resolution for dissolution other than by merger;

(7) when XXX and/or YYY transfer or make a decision to transfer a material part of its business;

(8) when any cause other than the preceding occurs that makes a preservation of claims necessary;

(9) when XXX and/or YYY fail to perform its obligations within 30 days after the requirement of a Customer to perform obligations based upon the Warranty.

1. 差押、仮差押、仮処分、公売処分、租税滞納処分、その他公権力の処分を受け、または民事再生手続開始、会社更生手続開始、特定調停、清算、特別清算、若しくは破産その他倒産手続の開始の申立がなされたとき。

2. 事業の全部を譲渡し、またはその決議をしたとき。

3. 支払不能の状態に至ったとき、または自ら振り出し若しくは引き受けた手形若しくは小切手が不渡りとなった場合、自らが債務者である電子記録債権に係る債務が支払期日に支払われなかった場合その他支払停止状態に至ったことが明白であるとき。

4. 競売を申し立てられ、または仮登記担保契約に関する法律第2条に基づく通知を受けたとき。

5. 監督官庁から営業停止または営業免許若しくは営業登録の取消しの処分を受けたとき。

6. 資本の減少、事業の廃止若しくは変更または合併によらない解散の決議をしたとき。

7. 事業の重要な一部の譲渡をし、またはその決議をしたとき。

8. 前各号のほか債権保全を必要とする相当の事由が生じたとき。

9. 保証に基づく債務を顧客の要求から30日以内に履行しないとき。

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